Chris Byrd versus Evander Holyfield in December 2002 in Atlantic City: 2 Christians in a match for the title of the Heavy Weight World's Champion by the version of the Internationalen Boxing Federation (IBF). The emroidery characters sewed on the right pants leg of Holyfield show the verse of Phil. 4, 13. Southpaw Byrd determined the duel with his forward hand at will and played his quickness and agility thus he very rarely could got cornered by Holyfield in the dangerous infight. Byrd booked his 36th win in the 38th professional match and prevented Holyfield who had to accept his sixth defeat in the 46th match from gaining the World Champions Belt in Heavy Weight for the fifth time.


Interviw with Chris Byrd by Wolfgang Lindemeyer: 

Chris Byrd is a very very kind and nice brethren in Jesus Christ. In the Maritime Hotel in Cologne, I had an interview with him in a separate room in the presence of his family. It was more than just a talk.

Chris Byrd was five or six years old as his father took him out to hix box-gymn. Chris is the youngest of 8 kids. He had four elder brothers and three elder sisters and all of them were doing sports. Boxing, football, baseball, a little bit of everything. It was just the same. But then he felt more thrilled about boxing because with the amateurs one had the chance to travel a lot. With eight children in the family travelling was not affordable.

Today's days Chris lives with his wife and three children in Flint/Michigan where he also was born and raised. In the land of the giants the fans love it to see rowdies in the ring. Byrd is none of them. That is why they do not like him with his defensive style which he does not want to change.

6 days a week he works out:
In the morning: Jogging and rope skipping
In the afternoon: Sparring and gymnastics
In the evening: Lifting weights three days a week
Diet: Vitamins; protein-shakes, protein-bars, fruit, vegetables, salad,; fish; steak,; chicken, hot wings; & pizza

With a great song that shares a powerful message about Jesus he entered on the 1st of April the box ring.On his t-shirt it says: „The Cross it´s not about jewelery, it´s about Jesus. Wearing a cross around your neck is much easier than wearing one on your back“.

And he also achieved his title as a world champion (WBO) as a heavy weight versus Vitali Klitschko even though he was chosen as a substitude opponent and only had seven days available to pget prepared. Now, on October the 14th he wanted to defend his title against Wladimir Klitschko, Vitali's brother, which he did not succeed with after a good match of more than 12 rounds. Chris Byrd kept it up until the end of the fight which is something most boxers fail to do.

The officiating WBO-world champion Byrd is estimated by Axel Schultz as a not- too-easy- opponent: “He is an unpleasant opponent and that is why in Amerika almost no one wants to take up with him. In the match against Vitali Klitschko everyone underestimated him, even I did. One of his strong points is that he is pretty good at parrying, most of every time he has got his head there where his oppononent does not jab or even punch.”

I had the pleasure to talk to Chris Byrd after weighing on the 13th of October in the Maritim Hotel in Cologne.

WL: You stepped into the ring accompanied by a great song and Jesus is not just a show for you. What exactly is Jesus for you?

Chris: Saviour. He is my Saviour and Redeemer. He died for me.

WL: How did you find to Jesus?

Chris: Time for testimony. (Chris is pointing towards his wife Tracy). My wife. She became a Christian.

Tracy: I got invited by my neighbour lady, she took me out to church. Afterwards I went to church often. One day she talked with me quite a lot. We often had a talk and I knew there had to be a change in my life. My mother's boy-friend had died and have not known where he had gone after death. I knew about the existence of heaven and hell and I asked myself where he got. Because I knew he was not a good person. And I said to my girl-friend: "I know what I am supposed to do, I have to get my life changed." And then she was telling me about a relationship with Jesus and I surrendered and gave my life to Jesus in the veranda. And then Chris came home at this night. And I said "Chris, we already had read in the Bible often. We have been seeking for a long time." And Chris also started going to church with me. Two months later he also accepted Christ in this church.

WL: Which Bible verse is your favourite one?

Chris: Josua 1,9; 1st Corinthians 1,18

WL: If you had an option by God for a request or desire as Solomon had what would be your wish?

Chris: (without hesitating) That all my family members will be saved.

WL: If you had the chance to speak to Christians around the world. What would be your message?

Chris: I would encourage them and cheer them up.

WL: Which church do you go to?

Chris: Trinity - Baptist - Church in Flint/Michigan

WL: What do you do for recreation?

Chris: Basketball, video - playing with my children. Being together with friends.

WL: Thank you very much for taking your time. We will think about you in our prayers.

You can visit Chris Byrd on his Homepage.

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