Chuck Norris is one of the pioneers of the fighting sport in the USA, 7-times world champion in fight oriented sports and a well-known actor performing action.

It was action-star Steve McQueen and the fighting sport- and movie-starl Bruce Lee who helped their friend Chuck Norris to make that big jump into Hollywood and brought his unique talent of fighting sport to the screen. With that combination of action and adventure that he is typical for, this son of a Cherokee and an Irish mother being raised in poverty circumstances, gathered himself a loyal and conspirant circle of fans.

Chuck Norris starred among other performances in films(movies) as follow: A Forze Of One, 1979, The Octagon, 1980, Lone Wolf McQuade 1983, Missing In Action, 1984, Missing In Action 2 - The Beginning, 1984, Braddock - Missing In Action 3, 1988, Invasion USA, 1985, The Delta Force, 1986, Firewalker, 1986, Delta Force 2 - The Columbian Connection, 1990, Sidekicks, 1993, Presidents Man 2000.

MWith ”Texas Ranger, Walker“ Norris celebrated his TV debut. In the popular TV-action-series "Walker, Texas Ranger" the seven-times world champion in fighting sport Chuck Norris impersonates the tough law enforcement officer Cordell Walker. Walker is a modern ranger using unusual searching methods that root in the rough traditions of the Wild West. One of the last heroes of our epoche who often goes by his instincts and who does not top at anything in order to finish off criminals.

Even in real life he takes action against criminality. 1990 Chuck started the campagne ”Kick Drugs Out Of America“, bbreviated KDOOA. Since then this charitable organization has been giving assistance with enlightenment and support taking action to fight drugs.

Chuck Norris is a world famous actor who has starred in more than 20 films(movies) and TV-series, says: "Real men live for Christ". In his TV-series (Walker, Texas Ranger) he is the man who runs to come to aid other people - but in his private life Norris is aware of the fact that he himself is in need of help from above. "It is important to make peace with God as long as you have the opportunity", he told the magazin "New Man".

"Life is very fragile and you never know when it is over. Only one instance and then it might be too late to accept God's offer for forgivenes", Norris stated. "Just in the last few years Norris has discovered what it means to believe in Jesus Christ", his Pastor Jack Graham of Prestonwood Baptist Church in Dallas (USA) mentioned. In the Christmas issue of the TV-series Walker, being watched by millions of people, Norris for instance clearly speaks about Jesus, Gena, Norris's wife has stated.

Norris turned to Christ 11 years ago and this was caused by a marital row, she said.. "We join in prayer regularly even though we train our bodies very hard, we still have nourish and train our spirit", Gena Norris utters.

Maxims of Chuck Norris:

  • I will make use of all possiblities in order to maximize each of my abilities in every field.
  • I will leave every mistake of the past and and focus on new perceptions.
  • I will always think positive and pass this feeling over to any human being that I meet.
  • I will continuously work on the task of turning my family into a retreat of love, joy and loyality. No other succhess can level out domestic damage.
  • I will try to find the good in human beings and pass over a sensation to make them feel valuable.
  • If there is no good to say about a person, I will not say anything.
  • I will be busy spending so much time on self-improvement that there will be no time left in criticizing others.
  • I will rejoice about the gain and succhess of others as if it was my own.
  • I will be frank and sincere towards other opinions but in spite I will know for myself what I consider as true and honest.
  • I will act respectful before authorities and also show this respect in my outward appearance.
  • I always will be loyal to God, my country my family and my friends.
  • I will aim at superior goals for my lifetime because this attitude will help my family, my country and myself.

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