Roy Jones jr. is a boxing superstar, professional basketball player, musical producer and performer, entertainer, actor, and all-around nice guy. Cited as the best ‘Pound for Pound’ fighter in the world, Jones is the undisputed Light Heavyweight Champion of the World. Additionally, Jones has recently been awarded the Lifetime Achievement award by the WBC. He became the first former middleweight champion to capture a heavyweight title in over a century when he easily out-boxed John Ruiz at the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Born on January 16, 1969, Jones has long made his home in Pensacola, Florida when he started boxing at the age of ten. Weighing a mere 69 pounds, Jones beat a 85-pound, 14 year-old in a youth boxing event at Pensacola Beach. That was just the beginning. Jones went on to have a great amateur career, winning the U.S. Junior Olympics in 1984; the 1986 National Golden Gloves at 139 pounds; and, after moving up two weight divisions, won the National Golden Gloves again in 1987 at 156 pounds.

His first world title came in 1993. On May 22, he defeated Bernard Hopkins and captured the vacant IBF Middleweight crown by a unanimous verdict. A KO victory over top contender Thomas Tate in 1994 paved the way for Jones’ meeting with then-IBF Super Middleweight champion James “Light Out” Toney in November 1994. 1998 brought Jones to Biloxi, MS where he knocked out former WBA champion Virgil Hill in a 12-round non-title bout; to New York where he defended the WBC title and won the WBA title with a 12-round unanimous decision against WBA Champion Lou Del Valle; and to Connecticut where he TKO’d former WBO middleweight world champion Otis Grant.

Blurring combinations, dazzling jabs and fancy footwork continue to entertain the fans while demolishing his opponents. And Roy has continued to do it, his way. Currently Jones is self-managed and self-promoted, providing yet another dimension to this consummate professional boxer. But many of Jones’ talents lie outside the ring. Jones spends much of his free time speaking to America’s youth on the value of education and the perils of drugs. Jones’ closest friends sum him up as “ten thousand time more of a human being than he is a boxer”.

Jones: "I fight because I enjoy the sport and the good Lord has blessed me with talents. God gave me all of the talents and abilities that I have. I developed a relationship with God as a child and I continue to thank him for what he has blessed me with. God led me here. I put God first in everything I do. I let God lead me. And now I know this is where he wants me to be. The first thing is that God blessed me with this and a lot of people wish that they could find what God blessed them with. To be in this position, it's like, look what God gave you. Are you going to sit on that or are you going to work with it? I am going to work with it. It would be a sin for me not give my all. God put here and he doesn't make mistakes. He knows what he's doing. I just have to be what God made me. God is so good, and when he gives you this kind of an opportunity, you don't go to sleep on it. You get your ass up and go to work. There comes a time when other things have to wait for a minute, because there are some big things that I now have the opportunity to pull off. I had to take the opportunity. This puts me in a position where I can deliver God's message. It's crazy to me that I have to go all the way up to heavyweight to get a $10 million purse. Totally crazy, but that's what God wants from me, so maybe it's not so crazy. As long as I live for God I am happy, and God has led me to take this fight. I myself wouldn't think I could win, but God has led me to this fight, so I will win. The money comes into question, but $10 million ain't damn near worth  losing your life over. Well, we are all children of God. When I was young I had dreams of becoming a boxer, and I’ve fulfilled my dreams. Now, I feel the urge to help others in need, and give back to the community."

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